A little light can illuminate your world

Man holding an oil lamp
Man with an oil lamp | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

101 Replies to “A little light can illuminate your world”

  1. this is among those pics that needs a whistle to say its simply superb … the message .. tone .. lighting .. aaa everything speaks a great volume in this simple yet meaningful image… wah wah well done my dear :P hahahaha

  2. Very ‘enlightening’ photograph i must say…couple that with the withered hadn that holds the lamp, give a sense of ageless wisdom, in these senseless times!

    Bravo JD!

  3. Especially if this light is both in your heart & eye.
    Superb tones, and low light at its best, just like the message, Joshi.
    What are the Exif here ? No noise on the image, by the way, what gear do you use ? For once, i ask ;)

  4. ohh woww..has nice enlightening effect to it….superb!!!
    d envt has nice art period effect to it…mast hai…beautiful concept and visualisation…well done buddy!!!!another superb wait after a long time

  5. Wonderul spiritual image, the dark surroundings and the warm light of the candle are briliant! That’s why I like your work so much! Thanks Joshi to illuminate my evening with this great photo!

  6. beautiful lighting.
    i always think it is cool how a little light can provide a lot of illumination, and how just a little darkness is always overcome by that little light.
    thanks for sharing.

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