The monster inside us

Portrait of Om Prakash Varma with mud on his face letting out a scream of monstrous rage
Om Prakash Varma | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

118 Replies to “The monster inside us”

  1. Aaahhhh! Now that’s more like the Danny I know! This is fabulous and yes, in some small part of each and every one of us…… resides ‘THE MONSTER’! Love it! Thank you for coming back to being the ace photographer that you are! Keep it up and God bless…… :)

  2. Hehehehe…it’s THE OPTI MAN :D In his case, you should have titled this “The monster beside us” :P
    What’s he got on his face? Multani mitti??? Guess you caught him red handed doing a facial :D :D That explains te fury ;)

    Jokes apart…
    Amazing one. Love the lighting. :)

  3. awesome concept and work…. this time it shows a different side of human character … the little monster that hides in everyone of us …. nice piece of work :)

  4. btw OM is the right person for this experiment :) hehehe guess you didnt have to do much to bring out the monster :P

  5. Good theme! Your magic with lights deosnt require a special mention. Class snap! Bw. Good that you had pushed him into mud. Thank you!

  6. Hello:)
    Sometimes we are monsters,yes,and sometimes it`s worries we yell out to someone.

    The light that`s shine,is beautiful

  7. i suppose you allow the subject the freedom of expression and you capture the apt moment ….kewl JD..nice lighting… could have edited a serpent toungue out of his mouth ;)

  8. Great work dude!!! Without make-up ?

    Wonderful lighting.. After all a brilliant creation…. :-)

  9. ahhh Scary.. i guess that’s how its ment to be, else it wud’nt be expression of Monster within us. But lovely light effect, was it in a play ?

  10. woww…terrific yaar….om & u seem hav just back after seeing “RAAVAN” the movie is a flopp,,,,but as usual JD photography is a hit..hey u hav succeeded in capturing the evil within every person in d shot

  11. mr daniel you got so many appreciations already! what can i add? but i have understood one thing that where X-RAY fails to succeed! keep edging your lences.

  12. Is everyone of you all a photographer? I don’t understand whether you are praising the shades of the lighting, or the subject, cause I am unable to understand the subject. And me not being a professional photographer, cannot comment on the illumination. It does look good to my untrained eyes, I must say though.

  13. Oh my! Interesting… and a great shot.
    This image deserves a place in one of those character analysis movies that hit the likes of oscar awards.

  14. Holy crap!!! Man! This is so very different! Cool! Good lighting! I can see light coming straight from down too! So white light from up and yellow from down huh?? This is called detail man!!!

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