Nangiarkoothu backstage

Margi Usha getting ready for the Nangiarkoothu
Margi Usha | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Nangiarkoothu is a traditional art form of Kerala with its history dated back to 1500 years featuring a solo actress (nangiar) who narrates the story by Mudras (hand gestures), facial expressions and body movements to the accompaniment of the mizhavu (big copper drum).

75 Replies to “Nangiarkoothu backstage”

  1. all this time it was kathakali .. now its a different form of art ….the dance form is quite hard to pronounce ….. expression is exquisite n lighting is super … beautiful portrait.

  2. I really need to take a visit down to Kerela. This place is endless to art and nature and tradition to offer.

  3. Unbelievable amazing photo, especially under those light circumstances! You did a great job on this portrait, I love the atmosphere and his expression!

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