David Coulthard takes F1 to the roads of Mumbai

David Coulthard doing 360 degree spin-offs in the Red bull speed link show run in the Bandra - Worli sea link, Mumbai
David Coulthard | Bandra – Worli Sea link, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

David Coulthard doing couple of 360 degree spin-offs for the crowd in the Red Bull Racing F1 Car as part of the Red Bull Speed Link Show Run which was done on the Bandra – Worli Sea link on October 11, 2009.

59 Replies to “David Coulthard takes F1 to the roads of Mumbai”

  1. streets of Mumbai dazzled by David Coulthard eh?? must have been an amazing show!! too bad that i didnt get a chance to see :( .. but you have brought some live action here:D

  2. Da !

    The shot has a vintage feel to it. good.

    BUT !!!!!!!!!! How was it to see it screaming around ????? temmeee .. need more pics plzzz !

  3. i’m afraid this is not a good shot. a below average shot with some post processign. rather you could have panned him. IMHO.

  4. I may be alone in this but this is a good argument to halt a shrinking world. Nothing like wasting fossil
    fuels for entertainment while people starve in hovels around the corner I always say..what next Nascar Bombay?

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