Art Nude

Low-key black and white female fine art nude
Nude | India

117 Replies to “Art Nude”

  1. Before it was oil, canvas and M F Hussain .. now its D70s, 50mm and the BULB err .. the Joshi :-)

    How come i did not see the artist in you when you were riding the CBZ in one wheel still makes me wonder !!!

    How time changes … mmm… from boxing gloves and Kicking bags to something as tender as this takes subject.

    You are making waves … pretty high powerful waves .

    GoDSpeeD !

  2. These pictures are extremely beautiful, I so love your works, this is a proof that there is a future in photography…

    Good work pal…I would certainly follow your blog.

  3. how come this photo doesn’t have a name?

    ps: do i have to say the usuals? nice, amazing, blah blah…that goes with all your photos anyways.. :D

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