Monsoon wait

A relaxed Girl at Marine Drive, Mumbai, India
Relaxed girl | Marine drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

99 Replies to “Monsoon wait”

  1. naaaaaaaaice… leaves too much to ponder.. pandee nice work :):) btw did u tell her u were doing this while she was lost in translation??? hehe anyways gud thing she didnt see u.. ok ok wahtevr cool pic:)

  2. i m wondering how did u manage 2 find her alone in marine drive and dat too evng main wen its crowded d most…….u really hav gud eye…achaa hai

  3. This I really like… very peaceful and quiet… just sitting there looking out onto the city.. nice We all should take the time and take our shoes off and just sit down and relax…

  4. gr8 picture and leaves me wondering if it was an arranged shot or a candid one? if its a candid, did the lady know? i have some pics taken over the weekend … but dont know if i shud post them, since it involves people :( and i dont have their permission

  5. I love Marine Drive. And I love the fact it can give so many angles to always give perfect shot. And I like the way you have made this shot so creative.

  6. Hi, first time here. Love the shot. I have a somewhat similar pic of me on the beach. Let me know if you’d like to see it and will mail it to you.

  7. this is excellent, and although i can’t see her i’d like to think she is thinking about her future… i mean this photo it’s full of meditation, wonderful!

  8. I guess many might see this is a state of loneliness (I haven’t read the comments priors to mine :P) but I see it as a great and private moment. To clear your head from the world and it’s troubles.
    Very nicely done!

  9. Ah! It is one thing to just take good-looking pictures and completely another to capture the sentiment of a 20-million population city in a single frame.

    This one is of the second kind… we so need rains now! The picture tells a story – THAT sets it apart.

    Also, very well composed :)

  10. Love this photo – the serenity, the calm, the meditative feel, and god, the chappal sandals… so quintessentially representative of a modern yet grounded India. Love it.

  11. That’s quite fine like that but just wondering if it would be better if the skyline was balancing on her head barely touching it? Or the skyline above her head all together. More I stear at it, more the city running through her head bothers me. Ok, it’s a message you want to give. And those others would be different photos all together, but still.

    That said, nothing in my current blog is ever remotely as nice as this. So who am I to say that? Said it with all do respect, I admire you as a photographer.

  12. This is so ME. This click connected me to the part of myself I long for. I must say you have some hand at that camera. Your pictures talk. Can I make this one my desktop background?

  13. Loved this picture. More than waiting for monsoon, it seems like one pensive moment taken off before the day’s mad rush ahead. I can totally identify with this girl!

  14. So soon. It’s hardly start of May.
    Well I can’t wait for it as well. It’s an amazing feeling, none compared.

    Nice photograph. Good candid.

  15. Very nice shot. If it were me, I might have shot from a higher or lower angle so the head wasn’t lost in the buildings. Yet, it’s very peaceful. You’ve captured the spirit of the theme.

    Sorry, once a critic, always a critic.

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