Category Archive: Conceptual

Road not taken

Black and white conceptual photograph of a man holding an umbrella walking on a foggy road in Ponmudi, Kerala

A speck in the sand

Photograph of Dinu Varghese sitting on a sand dune in United Arab Emirates

Traps of mind

Traps of mind self-portrait of joshi daniel

Feel alive

A biker jumping near his Royal Enfield classic 350 in Trivandrum

Be gentle

Girl holding a flower

In the dark

in the dark self-portrait of joshi daniel


Silhouette of a guy jumping with umbrella

Rising beyond perception

Black and white self-portrait of joshi daniel

Getting ready to explore more

self-portrait of joshi daniel getting ready to explore more

Back from the dead

portrait of ajesh oommen with bandaged face

Peering through the eerie darkness

eerie portrait of ajesh oommen

The devil in me

devilish self-portrait of joshi daniel

Live your dream

anuroop nair with his royal enfield classic 350 on a cloudy day


A biker standing near his royal enfield classic 350 enjoying a solitary moment


devilish portrait of om prakash varma

The monster inside us

portrait of om prakash varma with mud on his face letting out a scream of monstrous rage

Self-portrait holding rose

Self-portrait of joshi daniel holding a red rose

Letting go…

letting go moody self-portrait of joshi daniel