Holding a small red flower
Holding a delicate flower | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Holding a small, delicate flower.


105 Replies to “Delicate”

  1. Fantastique photo avec cette petite fleur d’Euphorbe très colorée.
    Il y a beaucoup d’émotions qui ressortent de ce cliché.
    Merci pour l’instant.
    Bonne soirée Joshi

  2. Oh, what a beauty! The contrasts — in color, and also in the newness and delicacy of the small flower against the large, worn, aged hands — are stunning. Just gorgeous, Joshi!

  3. Beautiful image. Appreciation of vulnerability and colour in a world that can be so dark and unyielding.
    Yet this little scrap survives to share its secrets and bring us joy.

  4. You lens has captured the magic here… a delicate skin of the hands and the lines there on as well as brightly coloured little wonder.

  5. OMGosh! I love these photos so much! I love people’s hands. I feel that they can tell so much about a person and you have captured these beautifully!

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