Out at work

A Kashmiri man out at work and holding an axe in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Kashmiri man holding an axe | Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, India

A Kashmiri man out at work and holding an axe in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, India.


130 Replies to “Out at work”

  1. What a great portrait! It almost looks biblical. Your subject has a wonderful characterful face and looks very omfortable and confident. The wide aperture ( I presume) perfectly makes him stand out from his background.

  2. Nice shot. I almost thought the man is an Afghan. So much similarity between Kashmiri, Waziri, Afghan and Iranian people.

  3. You are taking some of the most beautiful portraits can’t wait to see what you have for us in the future with Portraits Like these we won’t be disappointed

  4. This is my beautiful Kashmir
    Come and visit here once, you will surely feel very good and comfortable… You will in your dreamland, Paradise valley…..
    You will enjoy lakes ,shikaras, Flowers, mountains, forest, snowfall, cold breeze, and many more enjoyable things. Hopefully, it will be your best trip ever ❤❤I personally welcome you to visit this Paradise❣👍👍

  5. Every photos you post inspires me to be a better photographer and to take a moment to really see the beauty in every person who crosses my path. Thank you for the constant inspiration!

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