Portrait of actor Fahadh Faasil

Portrait of Malayalam film actor Fahadh Faasil talking on the phone in Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Fahadh Faasil | Ernakulam, Kerala, India

This photo of Malayalam film actor Fahadh Faasil was taken during our shoot for Job Kurian’s song ‘Enthavo‘ at Ernakulam, Kerala, India. The video was shot on GoPro and is directed and edited by my friend Chandrakanth C K.

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84 Replies to “Portrait of actor Fahadh Faasil”

      1. Ohhh Maaa Gawdd!!
        I got a reply from JOSHI DANIEL!
        I am a great fan of all your clicks!
        In fact, The Pleasure is all mine!
        Looking forward to many such timeless clicks!!

  1. Intense look, exquisite emotions…captured brilliantly by the lens! Sometimes I wonder that may be the camera is actually communicating with the subject before hand…
    Each picture has umpteen fine threads that weave a story…story of life that manifests in different forms!!!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  2. This wonderfully captures a certain intensity and depth, though the subject is engaged in the most routine of behaviors. I like that juxtaposition.

  3. Great photography…. I am a travel blogger and I would love if we stay connected here is a link to my blog

  4. I’m going to call you master of color….the brown and beige tones of his skin and in the background in combination with this small petrol colored parts…it’s just so pleasant…..and your job really sounds like interesting….I’m jealous…:)

  5. I can connect the dots here!!
    I happen to watch the Enthavo song by Job Kurian for Hope project….
    And read the description from youtube that you were the DOP…
    I suspected it because many of your Go Pro Images here in the website like that of the elephant, that rocky beach and now fahad fasil were eerily similar when I watched the video of the song….
    Great job….Good luck….

      1. My pleasure!!
        When I watched the video I went: “Ithokkey Munpu Evideyo Kandathu Pole…..” I checked out the DOP, lo and behold, I caught you!
        Bravo! Very well conceived!
        Keep em coming Brother!!
        All the best!!

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