Portrait of a fishmonger in Chennai

Portrait of a smiling fishmonger lady with the fish laid out in front her at Besant Nagar beach in Chennai, India
Fishmonger | Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A fishmonger lady with the fish laid out in front her at Besant Nagar beach in Chennai, Tami Nadu, India.

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111 Replies to “Portrait of a fishmonger in Chennai”

    1. Actually the marking of her forehead says that she is follower of “Shiva”, basically in Hinduism people are either followers of Shiva or Vishnu. The Vishnu followers will have marking in the shape of U.

        1. Its my pleasure to answer your question really. Yes its a great picture. Shows the lady’s very content expression… not at all concerned of being photographed.. curiosity in her eyes.. :)

      1. Actually there are Shakti (goddess) worshipers in Hinduism too. Although that would be signified by a red tilak most of the times. Vaishnavs wear chandan vertically, while Shaivs wear ash (rakh) horizontally in three lines. We tend to ignore Shakti worshippers tremendously as most were accused of being black magic followers, which is not true.
        The lines have blurred in the past century.

  1. Oh, those sapphire colors! I find blue and orange tones an unbeatable combination, which you’ve exploited expertly. The patient and friendly look on the woman’s face contributes to the pleasant feeling I have looking at this photograph.

      1. My brother is a cinematographer and graphic designer. Occasionally, a photographer too.

        I remember what he did once…

        He clicked pictures of under-privileged kids playing in a ground nearby. The next day, he chose the best pictures, got them printed and gave them to the kids.

        The expression of joy and gratitude on the children’s’ faces were so warming and unforgettable.

  2. Wow – I like the photo. That is what India culture is all about. A woman selling a fish looks awesome. We have different religions in India but we are unite by our culture. No matter we are from north, south, east or west.

    I Appreciate your photography.

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