A Rajasthani woman from Kuldhara

Portrait of a Rajasthani woman in traditional attire from Kuldhara
Rajasthani woman | Kuldhara, Rajasthan, India

Rajasthani woman in traditional attire from Kuldhara, Rajasthan, India.

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126 Replies to “A Rajasthani woman from Kuldhara”

  1. I pull back from saying something about the figure that confuses me. Male or female? Attractive patterns in the fabric. Interesting that the door is open and the figure is closed.

  2. Captivating Photography. I have personally interacted with people from Kuldhara for my blog post on the Mystery of Kuldhara and I must say the emotions are very well captured.

  3. I have no words to say but it is an excellent photograph of horror place ,I Love the way you have used the door :)

  4. I absolutely love this shot Joshi – so rich in colour and beautiful light, she looks quite relaxed – you’ve obviously won her confidence. I’m travelling to India this year for a few weeks – any tips you can share on how to respectfully approach folk for portraits would be appreciated.

  5. Love your ‘people’ shots. How do you approach them to take photos? It’s a bit of a taboo in the UK to get up so close and personal. I just love faces, but here it has to be posed and agreed… would love some advice.

    1. Thank you :)
      Mostly the people I shoot knows that I am shooting them. Sometimes body language communicates. Sometimes I will talk to them and try to make them continue with their work and will ask to not to pose for me. But many hardworking people have tough face, that is pretty cool :)

  6. perfection!! fantastic framing which makes the woman stand out amidst the array of patterns and eye-catching colors…you are so talented!!

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