A smiling salt pan worker

Portrait of a smiling salt pan worker at Marakkanam, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
A smiling salt pan worker | Marakkanam, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India

This portrait was taken at the salt pan in Marakkanam, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

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94 Replies to “A smiling salt pan worker”

  1. This was truly glorious. This woman’s presence went directly into my being. Thank you.

    My birthday is on Tuesday, and this feels like a precious gift,
    Blessings to you, Joshi – Debbie

  2. Stunning pic! and one of the true beauties of this pic, in my opinion, is that, you can see how hard this woman is ‘LABOURING’!! and yet, she wears that beautiful smile. How many people, who only have to get into a motorcar, drive to the office and sit behind a desk to do a measly job, EVER smile? huh! they mostly grumble!. :)

  3. I have seen too, that poverty does not mean that folk cannot make merry and be happy, providing they have the basics in life and love in their hearts. We all know the opposite, lots of money, all you want, yet still a great void in the soul.

  4. Great pic! you can see the joy of laboring on her face. Had the privilege of visiting one such place in Gujarat. The workers there too were humble, welcoming and happy in what they were doing.

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