Tribal woman from Wayanad

Portrait of a tribal woman form Wayanad, Kerala
Tribal Woman | Wayanad, Kerala, India

147 Replies to “Tribal woman from Wayanad”

  1. What an amazing photo, Joshi. Her eyes are haunting.
    Your photos make me want to tag along behind you as you travel India. I want to capture the stories of the people you photograph. There is such depth there.

  2. Beautiful photography! Thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs of people and places I probably will never have the opportunity to see! Happy New Year wishes! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. Many stories in her face, I think there is scarring in her cheek, and perhaps shyness in the way she holds her hands. When I first caught a glimpse of this image I had a view just focusing on her shoulders and midriff, and was attracted to the draping of the cloth.Intriguing, Joshi.

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