Living on the Edge

Self-portrait of joshi daniel sitting on the cliff by Bondi beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Self-portrait | Bondi beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A GoPro Self-portrait taken on the cliff by Bondi beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

209 Replies to “Living on the Edge”

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  2. Just seen your blog for the first time and I am honestly blown away, I love literally all of your photos! I just started photography as a hobby and if I get half as good as this I would be so happy haha!

    Sofie x

  3. Amazing as usual. You have such phenomenal gifts. I am wondering: do you sell large prints of your work? I am moving to a new home, and am retiring, for awhile, all of my current art.

  4. Reblogged this on Views from the Edge and commented:
    An email from Joshi Daniel Photography arrived today, the first anniversary of the publication of 40,000 words. Searching back into the site’s archives, Joshi’s self-portrait “Living on the Edge” seemed to capture the sense of the 40,000 words of Be Still! in one photograph. Joshi and I share a heritage. We are preacher’s kids who met at The College of Wooster where Joshi spent his time at arms length from my perch in McCaw Chapel. If you don’t know Joshi, let me introduce you. His photographs are worth more than a thousand words.

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