In Padar Island

Miyase Koichi shooting a photograph at Padar Island, Indonesia
Miyase Koichi | Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia

Pictured here is Japanese photographer Miyase Koichi. This shot was taken on a GoPro while he was taking a photograph of the Padar Island in Indonesia after a hike to the top during sunset.

Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.

223 Replies to “In Padar Island”

    1. It’s so true… but if you cover up the person (in the photo) you can still get a real sense of the place. So beautiful! Must take an awful lot of practice to get that good at taking consistently steady and stunningly beautiful images from so far away…

  1. That’s an incredible shot. The man and his landscape, full of beauty.
    You got an extraordinary opportunity.


  2. I was trying to think of the reason why I like this picture, when I figured out – yes, I would like to have seen this view for myself. Whatever the reason – good shot. :D

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