On a misty morning

An estate labourer trimming the tea branches in Top Station, Munnar, Kerala
An estate labourer pruning the tea branches | Top Station, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala, India

An estate labourer trimming the tea branches in Top Station in Munnar, Kerala, India. Shot on a GoPro.

213 Replies to “On a misty morning”

  1. What a beautiful image! I love the perspective: the clarity of the worker in the foreground and the mystery of the background receding from her…

  2. Excellent work! The gradient from transparent at bottom right corner to opaque at top left corner looks wonderful.

  3. What a gorgeous shot, Joshi. I can’t believe it was taken with a GoPro. The transition from sharp focus to the dreamy mist in the background is just magical.

  4. Beautifully captured. What a privilege to visit areas in the world and photograph such diversity. You take me on journeys I cannot go. I appreciate your blog.

  5. This is a nice depiction of life in places I’ll never be able to visit. Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by my Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge.

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