In Mallorca

A GoPro Hero5 black self-portrait of joshi daniel's feet hanging from the edge of a cliff near Cala Pi, Mallorca (Majorca), Spain.
Self-portrait | Mallorca, Spain

A GoPro Hero5 black Self-portrait taken at Mallorca (Majorca) Island in Spain.

130 Replies to “In Mallorca”

  1. It’s a great shot! Love the scenery and the colors and composition. The red shoes really give it a wonderful kick. (Sorry about that.) ;)

  2. I told you before on FB, telling you again……….. That is an amazing capture!
    I love your shoes. :)

    Are you back?

  3. Great shot…and this is gonna sound odd, but I had downloaded this exact same pic from a stock photo website, without knowing it was yours. I thought it was a great shot even back then.

    And now I’ve bumped into you because you liked one of my posts on Indiblogger. ‘Tis a small world indeed.

      1. You’re welcome 😊

        I knew this was coming. I’m surprised it took so long for you to ask me this.

        This may sound like I’m making it up but I swear its not. After I sent you that comment, I realized it could be a potential IPR issue, because your website said that one should get in touch with you for licenses over your pics. I realised you may never have intended to put up your pic on a stock photo site. Not wanting to be embroiled in an IPR fiasco, I went back to my folder to see where I’d downloaded the pic from. Turns out it wasn’t your picture, but it was one that was very very similar to yours.
        I’m sending you the link in the comment below. Please let me know if you received it. I think you’ll be able to see why I got confused 😁

        I’m really sorry if this caused you any trouble. It was unintended.

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