Naga Sadhu standing on one leg

Naga Sadhu standing on one leg in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Naga Sadhu standing on one leg | Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Naga Sadhu standing on one leg in Varanasi.

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151 Replies to “Naga Sadhu standing on one leg”

  1. Whoa! Wonder if he is one of those standing babas that the book Shantaram refers to. Can’t decide what exactly I feel looking at this…it’s both intense and creepy!

  2. Love the colours in the pic. You are super talented man. And I still have my eye on the pic. that needs to be ordered ASAP by me. Thanks for the generous patience Joshi :)

  3. Good1. You should start a blog or video channel for people like me, who are interested in photography from scratch. Let me know, once ready and will gift you or similar available domain :)

  4. I love the fact that he is wearing a wrist watch. Somehow it is in contradiction with MY perceived notion that time would be something he would not be worrying about. Goes to show me how little I know.

  5. These guys always amaze me, because they believe that if they spend their lifetime standing on one leg, or sitting in the yoga pose, or holding their hands in the air (so many different ones), they’ll gain enlightenment. It is very sad that they’ve been told or taught this is the way to enlightenment, but perhaps it’s just what they’ve taken up by themselves to believe? I don’t have an opinion though, each to his own.

  6. rich colors–and so much detail to see–worth looking at for a long time. I am reminded of the Masai warriors who frequently stood on just one leg—maybe it was to rest one foot from the heat.

  7. Cool image! I just started following you. Maybe you can have a look at my site . Cheers, Nick

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