Farmer walking through fields in Kumta

A farmer walking through fields in Hegde, Karnataka while holding a basket
Farmer walking through the fields | Hegde, Kumta, Karnataka, India

151 Replies to “Farmer walking through fields in Kumta”

  1. Yet another awesome people shot from you, Joshi. He certainly looks like he is hard at work. Looking closely, it looks like he is smiling a little bit at you ;)

  2. The overall impact of this photograph hit me first, of course. But right on the heels of that feeling I realized that the color had much to do with it, though the gesture of the man had much to do with it, as did the subject itself. Bravo!

  3. Beautiful photo – it reminds me of when I would go to fetch firewood from the hills and carry it on my head. At least I did not have to expend extra energy on treading water, though :)

  4. This is an awesome photo! I wonder why he’s smiling, he looks like he’s carrying something extremely heavy :O

  5. an attempt to control or hide his smile which clearly went invain… and you capturing that shyness.. is truly brilliant. great click!

  6. Really like the color on this…great photo. Looking through and haven’t nearly looked since you have so many wonderful catagories…I think I really like the faces so far. Shows emotions and some have no emotional look. Very nice Joshi. Sending blessings that your photography sells and you get many more awards because your work is awesome. :)

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