Portrait of a Kashmiri woman

Portrait of a Kashmiri roti seller
A lady who sells Kashmiri rotis | Jammu and Kashmir, India

133 Replies to “Portrait of a Kashmiri woman”

  1. your works are wonderful. It is nice that you specialize in portrait. I am sure 100% that your photos of nature are amazing as well. Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING WORK! And thank you SO much for taking the time to check out my photography on my blog and for the appreciation with the “like”. It means the WORLD to me especially coming from a photographer of your caliber. Thanks again!!

    Christopher Michael

  3. Needless to say…so very well captured. The fine lines around the eyes convey so much..may be experience or the journey called life..who knows?

  4. It strikes me that this photograph is more than that. Taken, I would surmise, in a royal palace. And that portrait on the left looks to be of Yuvraj Karan Singh.

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