Into the woods

Portrait of Vivek Gopan sitting next to an uprooted tree in Kallar, Trivandrum
Vivek Gopan | Kallar, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

151 Replies to “Into the woods”

  1. Beautifully lit, arranged , exposed, and processed into this sensitive and stylish photo…top, top Marks. I love it and just wondered if the man in the shot has seen the photo himself. He must have been overawed if he has. Super work.

  2. Joshi, with this photo and “Up in Smoke” it seems like your photos are changing–like you’re telling a story rather than “just” capturing a moment. You make me want to know more. Great photo!

  3. I assume the “into the woods” part is a ritual for cleansing/growth/character-building or something spiritual, Joshi. I’m glad you got to document it!

  4. WOW – your work is STUNNING. I especially liked this one, but really, everything on your blog is gorgeous, and there is a palpable connection to your subjects. Stunning.

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