At Peace in Kallar

Vivek Gopan sitting and meditating in Kallar, Trivandrum
Vivek Gopan | Kallar, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

188 Replies to “At Peace in Kallar”

  1. to us , westerners this kind of peace tends to pass us by, we want to find it in sport, dancing , cycling or other kind of activities…wish I could find the peace this man seems to possess.

  2. Love this! perfectly captured. One can actually ‘feel’ the peace emanating from your picture. Genius!

  3. There is so much peace emulating from this picture right into the soul of the viewer. There is a balance of feminine and masculine energy preserved in this shot. Nothing takes away from the main focus but everything is viewed together. This photo is what peace looks like defined by a still shot.

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