Portrait of Lily in Indonesia

Portrait of fashion blogger Lily Tjon wearing a Lulu Lufti Labibi design in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Lily Tjon wearing a Lulu Lutfi Labibi design | Kotagede, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Pictured here is a fashion travel blogger from the Netherlands, Lily Tjon wearing a Lulu Lutfi Labibi design. Labibi is a young prominent fashion designer from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.


83 Replies to “Portrait of Lily in Indonesia”

  1. So awesome to read your blog… (add-on to the pic.) With the fact that it is informative. Wonderful click… I loved the calmness and inner-happiness reflecting out of her face.

  2. I love the color composition in this Photos. Hope you don’t mind asking me how you post processed this, Have you used any other tool apart from Photoshop ?

    Shaadi Capture

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