Portrait of Marsiti from Probolinggo in Indonesia

Black and white portrait of Marsiti holding a cigarette in her hand in Probolinggo, Java East, Indonesia
Marsiti | Sukapura, Probolinggo, Java East, Indonesia

Me and my new friend Windy Ariestanty, met this lady, named Marsiti, while she was on her way back home after collecting some seeds which would go into her dinner. Windy struck up a conversation and soon, she invited us home for dinner. Once there, Windy got a chance to make a dish called Sambal Landingan with the seeds Marsiti had collected. It turned out to be really good and super spicy! Marsiti also told me that I was the only Indian she had met in real life. Prior to this, she had only seen Indians on televised series of Hindu epics.

Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.


82 Replies to “Portrait of Marsiti from Probolinggo in Indonesia”

  1. What a lovely face she has! I’m so glad she invited you to share her table and to even allow Windy to cook your dinner. A very remarkable and unforgettable experience!

  2. This lady looks totally serene and relaxed in your portrait Joshi … and how lovely too that unexpected dinner invitation sounded !

  3. Lovely portrait of this smiling, smoking woman. As a Dutch women, Indonesia…yes , the havoc we created in that country…I know sambal , there are many sorts..some not quite as HOT! Sambal Manis is nice for our tastes. There are some wonderful books written about life on the tea plantations in the 19th century. Indonesia, the memories of another era are still very much alive in the Netherlands.

  4. seeds
    nuggets bringing new life
    hard shells
    tender nourishing centers
    but then too
    persons meeting on paths
    soon friends
    eating together laughing
    joy from seeds

  5. A great photo and I love the story to go with it, such an amazing thing to be invited home to someone when you are out travelling, give you insight to their culture and life you wouldn’t else get.

  6. I think great portraits are a result of careful observation of the person as well as knowing him/her personally.

    Really liked this beautiful work you have created and also the notes, which really helps us to think about it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Joshi :)

  7. She seems to have a few stories to tell of her own…a weathered, experienced beautiful face. This picture makes me happy :) So, Thank You!

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