A fisherman fishing from his catamaran in the middle of the sea in Tamil Nadu, India
Fishing | Tamil Nadu, India

107 Replies to “Boundless”

  1. Good work, Joshi. I like how you made the boat more subject than the man. Looks like a tough life.

  2. The picture is glowing in the dark theme of your blog at the same time is complementing it. A wonderful shot :)

  3. I really love this shot. it is so tranquil and serene compared to so many of my own kayaking experiences where I’m either with one of the kids or my two dogs. Here’s the link: The Border Collie next to me, is terrified of the water but is even more angtsy about me going out in the kayak. He once swam out to my son and capsized the kayak getting on board. All that chaos, of course, makes for great stories and photos xx Rowena

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