Coffee at Shree Ram

A man serving coffee at Hotel Shree Ram in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Coffee at Shree Ram | Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hotel Shree Ram, located in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, is the first place I desperately try to go to, as soon as I reach Mumbai to have a strong glass of coffee. It is a small hotel which is packed with people throughout the day and is quite popular in this area for its dairy products. I like almost all the things they have on their menu.

83 Replies to “Coffee at Shree Ram”

  1. The way you capture the moment… particularly the movement and detail of the hands is inspiring. Another image with an intimate story to share. Bravo!

  2. Beautiful shot of the coffees, Joshi. You make everyday coffee drinking look posh. At first I thought it was hot chocolate – mainly because it looked like that and I don’t drink coffee but drink hot chocolate :)

  3. I have never been there… or heard of this place but strong co coffee got my attention! Now I want to visit :)

  4. Did you feel a bit of a jostle ;-) … you’ve now quite a crowd queuing up for one of these Joshi !
    Lovely !

  5. Have never heard of this place. The words Strong Coffee got my attention though :) would love to try this place !

  6. I can see why you would want to get there right away! I like your perspective of just the glasses and the hands; I’m still learning and need to remember I don’t have to always show the person’s face/head in a photo.

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