Kattai koothu make-up

A Kattai koothu performer putting on his make-up at the Mylapore festival in Chennai
A Kattai koothu performer putting on his make-up | Mylapore festival, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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103 Replies to “Kattai koothu make-up”

  1. Awesome! Btw, something a little personal…last night I had a dream that I was in India. I have never been there in real life though. :)

  2. Hi Joshi. Hadn’t visited in a while. An apology. You do have an amazing talent at capturing expressions and the oh-so varied colours of India. If I may be so bold: can you make a living out of it? (Don’t let me be misunderstood: in this age of Internet and free everything, how can you market your – reat – talent?
    Take care

  3. Joshi, this one is beautiful! I absolutely love Indian dance, I have attended a few Indian dance & music festivals in Liverpool, London, Berkeley and San Francisco. I wish they had more performances here in the San Francisco Bay area, but there are so many more Indian communities in England that that it was a much culturally richer place to be. Anyhow, thank you for following my blog ‘More Talents than time”. It is going to be just a personal collection of everything I am good at. You know, for those days when it is too easy to forget one’s value and skills.

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