Hunched over

Black and white portrait of an old woman sitting inside a train in Haridwar
Old woman sitting inside a train | Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

113 Replies to “Hunched over”

  1. Wonderful pictures! I just wish I can take pictures as well as you do haha!

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  2. How do you do it? Your photos look like they will come to life any second now. The lady will look up and find me staring at her…the breeze will ruffle her hair and sari..and her bangle will slip up her hand.

  3. A beautiful photograph. But I can not help feeling concern for the lady who has such bad Arthritis in her hands. Your photos always take me beyond the surface of the person and they draw me in and make me want to start to unravel the persons life story. I wonder if you spoke to this lovely lady? I wonder how hard her life has been.

  4. Another beautiful shot from you, Joshi. It looks like something’s bothering her, or she’s in deep concentration. Great capture of the detail on her face :)

  5. What stories those wrinkles could tell…either happiness over the years or many heartbreaks, but alas she has endured to this day and apparently a long life. Great photo Joshi, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to hug her.

  6. I’m an old people and I’m always impressed by a photographer who photographs old people…well done :)

  7. she seems to be carrying the weight of the world. Splendid as always. One question for you. Do you exhibit your prints often? If so, could you give me a tentative date and place. I would love to see these images “in the flesh…nay ink” :)

  8. What a stunning photo! I have traveled to India many times and am always pulled in to people’s faces. They hold so much knowledge of life. And you’ve captured that here without even showing her face. Brilliant!
    Thanks for stumbling onto my blog and liking “Mo(u)rning”

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