Etched in wrinkles

Black and white portrait of an old man in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Wrinkled old man | Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

114 Replies to “Etched in wrinkles”

  1. Beautiful shot, Joshi. Lovely B&W tones. Very interesting choice of subject, a face you don’t see every day. Can see him clearly looking right at you, as if he’s not afraid to share his true self with you – and you captured it brilliantly :)

  2. It’s said the physical form of beings is nothing but earth (one of the Pancha Bhutas, i. e. 5 natural elements). Anyone needing proof must take a long, hard look at this. Wow, @JoshiDaniel _/\_

  3. So personal yet commanding at the same time… beautiful work as always Joshi. You make us feel like we are right there in the moment you captured the shot. BRAVO!

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