Old man in Trivandrum carrying a big load on his head
Old man carrying a big load | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

92 Replies to “Burdened”

  1. Why did I automatically assume this man is poor? Because he carries this heavy load? I notice he is wearing a lovely wedding ring. That’s what I marveled at most. Is he poor or just carrying his weight? (no pun intended)

  2. I have to say it; North Americans are too soft. There are many in this man’s age range who could not do what he’s still able to do all because of their cushy lifestyles.

  3. What an amazing shot. The look in his eyes is so striking, so sad, and you seemed to capture it perfectly. You are so incredibly talented! – rachel

  4. Joshichaayo! This pic is so expressive. Look at the eyes of the old man. My heart sinks. Why is there so much inequality?

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