Muchilottu Bhagavathi Theyyam

Portrait of muchilottu bhagavati theyyam performer holding a sword
Muchilottu Bhagavathi Theyyam performer with a sword | Kannur, Kerala, India

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99 Replies to “Muchilottu Bhagavathi Theyyam”

  1. EXCELLENT SHOT! I was inspired by your photo to learn more about it. I found Theyyam, a colorful ritual dance of Kerala that attributes great importance to the worship of heroes and ancestral spirits, is a socio-religious ceremony. Thank you for increasing my knowledge of different cultures.


  2. I’m a bit scared from my childhood about this art……..Ur picture is so realistic that I feel theyyam is in front of me……….So perfect picture…!

  3. great shot –with all the fine lines and intricacies brought out so clearly —-have been missing out on your posts due to some problem with the alerts —will look out for them in future —beautiful picture

  4. Because of busy times and virusses I haven’t been very active on my blog and the blogs of others last few weeks. I am sorry for that :-)

    You posted some nice work lately! I enjoyed reading your posts!! :-)

  5. that’s awesome! i hope you sell prints of this. it would look beautiful framed or matted. also, it’d be the perfect cover photo for an album by an insanely great prog metal band.

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