Black and white photograph of a an old woman carrying a load on her head in Pune
Old Maharashtrian woman carrying a load on her head | Pune, Maharashtra, India

126 Replies to “Weary”

  1. I love all your photos, but this one smacked me in the chest. You’ve captured something eternal here, to my eye anyway. There’s poetry in the background but full focus reality in every detail of this woman. Amazing photograph.

  2. She looks tired..not just by the weight she is carrying but of life ..The image speaks volume..beautifully captured

  3. A beautiful picture,in colors and motiv. She has done much hard work in her life. She has done it for her family, I think, and I also think that she has done it out of love.
    Maybee is she thinking of what she shall make for dinner while she is walking back home…. ?
    Women all over the world cares for the family, but we live in differents societys, with differents facilities.

    Sometimes I feel that my life is hard,but I live in Norway,… All over the world we meet different challenges.

    (Pardon my French :))

    Hugs from me, Marie

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