Jallikattu (bull taming sport) from Palamedu in Madurai district
Jallikattu (bull taming sport) | Palamedu, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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88 Replies to “Jallikattu”

  1. Oh, seems dangerous out to be so near the animal. Nice !

    Have I told you a Happy new Year Joshi ? If not, I do it now :)
    Hugs from me, Marie

  2. Wow, dangerous sport! And a fine shot of it too. You captured the guy just as he was holding onto the bull’s hump! I can’t figure out if he’s getting on or trying to hold on, but it’s dramatic action! :-)

  3. Joshi, your photo really emphasises the danger … with all those folks so nearby. I always imagined this happening in a much bigger ring. How close were you???? As close as this image makes it appear?

  4. Wow it happens in India too . I thought only Spain has the bulls. Very chilling. Was wondering How much time and preparation goes into taking this one shot?

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