Lighting up

Black and white portrait of a smoking old man from Bangalore
Smoking Old man | Bangalore, Karnataka, India

106 Replies to “Lighting up”

  1. You have an amazing way of capturing people… Stunning picture, Joshi:-)- difficult to look away.. Btw- voted for you in the photoblog award:-) Good luck!

  2. All of the fine lines etched into this man’s face are a reminder that life takes a toll on us, but the look on his face also says that, although he has likely seen a lot in his experiences, he is steeled enough to face what is yet to occur. Many people are used to their comforts. Not everyone has that luxury. A wonderful story-evoking portrait, Joshi.

  3. Is this a low key photo? I think so but I am not an expert. Actually, it is a great photo, that kind the image I love.

    · regards

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