Maramadi (Ox race)

Photograph of men racing their oxen in the Maramadi festival held in Kalluvathukkal village in Kollam, Kerala
Maramadi (Ox race) | Kalluvathukkal, Kollam, Kerala, India

Maramadi (Ox race) is an agricultural festival of Kerala which takes place during the harvest season. It is a race between several pairs of oxen, where each pair is controlled by three men and is held in freshly ploughed paddy fields.

112 Replies to “Maramadi (Ox race)”

  1. So you were there, Joshi?
    I think a journalist/photographer from our largest paper was also there?
    There was a dozen pictures from this race in Norwagian papers only a couple of weeks back, but I think they referred to a race somewhere in Indonesia. I think I would have remembered if they had written Kerala since I have been to Kerala at least a dozen times. But the surroundings seems to be exactly the same.

  2. Nice photograph JD, had been to one in Kerala the original looked rather spooky than the peaceful pic you have snapped

  3. It seems that events involving men and animals either working with or competing against each other occur everywhere in the world. It’s always impressive to see the strength of the animals and the competitive nature of mankind. Your photo is a great study of this type of event and of the relationship to men to animals. Nice work, Joshi!

  4. Oh, those poor oxen…making them to run all shackled up and in muddy water too…those pesky humans should have the same done to them! LOL. Good capture, joshi. :)

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