Black and white photograph of a girl's hands behind her back
Hands | India

93 Replies to “Hands”

  1. I’ve always thought that photographic studies of hands are full of stories, life experiences, and fantasies. They just seem to speak eloquently. I don’t know what the connection is really. I’m instantly drawn to this photo, though. It has a real aura about it. Nice one, Joshi.

  2. I can’t find a way to LIKE your stuff, Joshi, but honestly, LIKE hardly covers it…I am just completely gobsmacked by your work…is there a button for that?

  3. This is a really sensitive image of what I assume are a little girl’s hand held behind her back as children often do the world over. I love the way her fingers and hand are so still and “float” in the image. Nice.

  4. wat lens are you using here…i m just a starter…using 18-55mm EOS lens…i want to work on composition without worrying much on the focus..could you suggest the lens i shud get..

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