Portrait of an ash smeared sadhu

Portrait of an ash smeared sadhu in a turban from Varanasi, India
Bearded Sadhu | Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

109 Replies to “Portrait of an ash smeared sadhu”

  1. :) yeah just to make u know was here and have gazed and gazed… Wondering not only at ur subject but on ur excellent skills. Wish I could know how u choose ur subjects…

  2. White beard, colored turban what a contrast
    Picture makes me think
    What is he looking at? What is he thinking?

  3. Wow Joshi, this picture is marvelous. The composition and the colors is melting together beautifully. The man himself, I can see he has lived a life, he is looking ahead, with some worry in his eyes. I think.

    Your pictures are all good, this one something special.
    Joshi, You see with Your Heart

    Hugs from me, Marie

  4. since the subject is looking right and above I would have selected horizontal framing, for this vertical framing the subject would be facing toward the camera or slight side ways. That what I feel.

  5. You are a magician undoubtedly. Lovely picture with beautiful colors. you captured this in Varanasi..How I wish you would have clicked some of the Ghaats picture..people taking dip in holy Ganga or may be the evening Aarti by the ghaats.

  6. This Sadhu is a Rockstar, I have seen his pics by some of my friends here in Hyderabad also. One of them clicked him in Allahabad and the other in Benaras. Where did you clicked him?

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