Kallu Shap (Toddy Bar)

Two men with glasses of toddy behind a swirl of cigarette smoke in a kallu shap in Kozhikode, Kerala
Kallu Shap (Toddy Bar) | Elathur, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

91 Replies to “Kallu Shap (Toddy Bar)”

  1. It’s not quite like the bars of today. At least not if you compare to Norway :-)
    We had, however, some logging camps back in the 30’ies . . .
    This brings back memories!

  2. love the light and swirling smoke in blue! :-) i love most of your shots which keep coming to my inbox. today i had to had to comment on this one because of the title! my nick name is ‘Kallu’ (and i was called either Kalyani Black Label or Johny Walker in school because of the surname) and ‘toddy’ is something quite dear to most males at my native place – Malvan..so all i could do is giggle when i saw this pic right now. glad to know there’s a liquor shop called kallu! :-)

  3. I like how you captured the swirling smoke. What speed was that? I’m imagining the shot without the smoke, and I can see that the impact just wouldn’t be there. I know it seems like a small element but that’s what bring it all together.

    I won’t condone smoking but these guys look like a couple of cool dudes lounging in a club.

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