Contemplating look

Black and white portrait of an old woman from Rajathan
Old woman | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

85 Replies to “Contemplating look”

  1. Wow, lovely composition. What is the old thinking about? The eyes reveal a lot and yet conceal more. Loved this shot :)



  2. Your portraiture is not only wonderfully done, it is shows respect and courtesy toward the subject. That is certainly a key to success. As always, this is another fine piece of work.

    1. I have a question, Joshi:
      I observe that you take a lot of portraits, and of course they will all be copyrighted, but it’s widely accepted that one can/should not publish such portraits on the net without a signed statement to that effect giving you permission to do so.

      So – when you take a picture – like this last one – with a quality that shouts for recognizion, thus publishing, how do you go about it? I imagine there would be language barriers to cross? And can one expect the ‘motives’ to understand the implications of becoming a ‘star’ over night? Do they know/understand what they eventually are signing, or are they ignorant of the fact?

  3. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year, joshi. I enjoy your work and look forward to more interesting, and sometimes challenging, pix next year. Thank you very much for your support of my work, ’tis very much appreciated. Cheers, my online friend! :O)

  4. @Seenorway Release is needed for commercial uses only if I am not wrong. But yes, I was actually going to ask same question to Joshi today.

    @Joshi Great portrait and it looks like she was measuring you up in her own way. She might even have easily read your mind :)

  5. The old mother wants…and says to her children
    My dear son!
    If you want to love me love right now!
    If you want to show your affection, show your affection from now onwards,
    Paradise lies under the feet of your mother” i”
    My darling!
    Show me love, show compassion, gentleness, show, talk of love, and get the grace of God!

    அன்னையின் மடல் + Love Your Mother
    Heaven Is Under Mother’s Feet

  6. Fabulous. She’s lookn right at you…Could I write something on this one Joshi Daniel ( full credits to you)… let me know ? There’s so many people we encounter and each face publishes a billion prints.. this one captures my throat. Unsure why, but thanq

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