Youthful face

Black and white portrait of a man from Kumta in Karnataka
Lingappa | Hegde, Kumta, Karnataka, India

113 Replies to “Youthful face”

  1. I have a corner for old people and children. I feel overwhelmed when I see the pictures of old people and how beautifully you capture their sentiments and gestures in your camera.
    Daniel, would you mind ever sharing your photography tricks that people like me who do not know anything can learn a thing or 2 from you. I know there are a lot of tutorials on internet but I would like to learn something from you…

  2. What a strange face, it looks young and old at the same time, I don’t know how to explain it… however, its a great portrait as all of your portraits !

  3. The black and white medium enhances the quality of the Portrayal! hair shows untimely aging, but Eyes and Lips don’t fail to show youthfulness!! Truly Portrait Art!! Please accept my compliments.

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