Living the moment

A running boy on a cloudy day from Kumta in Karnataka
Running boy | Hegde, Kumta, Karnataka, India

Celebrating 4 years of Photoblogging with 198 images, 1,747 followers, 884,308 views and 17,323 comments!!! Thank you every one for the support :)

170 Replies to “Living the moment”

  1. great snap, do i need to tell that :D , a hearty congrats for completing 4 grand years…it was a treat to us bloggers to have such a patronizing fellow blogger who kept us all enchanted by sum awesome photography :) cheers

  2. Nice photograph to mark 4 years of photobloging..! Here’s wishing you will keep running this photoblog with as much exuberance as this kid holds..!

    All the best..!

  3. beautiful :)) the right pic to celebrate four years and wish you all success :D hope you’re journey is as joyful as this child and the same enthusiasm stays :))

  4. awesome –the backdrop–the clouds the fields and the running boy —–the innocent childhood–touches the heart

  5. Congratulation Joshi, and thanks for all your beautiful and thoughtful pictures so far. I look forward too many more fine capture moments :)

    Hugs from me, Marie

  6. There you go again, Joshi with another piece that affects me ever so strongly.

    I see myself in that boy. That could easily have been me at certain times in my childhood; running with all my might as the sun watches over me, and feeling so alive.

    I had the heart of a wild deer.

  7. Your pics have always been wonderful. They speak a lot without words and this one is just as wonderful, expressing freedom, joy, the wonderful glow of light gives it an added charm. Naturally wonderful and timely shot.

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