Mischievous glint

Black and white smiling portrait of an old man with beedi form Kannur
Smiling old man with beedi | Payyanur, Kannur, Kerala, India

116 Replies to “Mischievous glint”

  1. You always get these portraits so well…the man’s agency, his voice comes through his eyes!! aah love it…

  2. as usual great click loved the facial expressions .,,,,
    i knw i dnt qualify to suggest a pro like u, but do u thnk if u had kept the glint of the beedi as red while the rest of the potrait as it is..it wud have luk more attractive.., jst an naive observation :)

  3. Good one, Joshi!

    Love the texture you have created with the lighting. And an interesting subject too.

    Some pictures just click like that, don’t they?

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