Attitude creates character

Black and white portrait of a Marathi man with topi holding his chin
Marathi man with topi | Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra, India

106 Replies to “Attitude creates character”

  1. I like the range of black and white hues on this one. I especially like the “texture”. It’s as if you can almost feel the furrowed lines on his face and the rough bristles of his beard. :-)

  2. Good picture..I like the way you have captured the wrinkles and expression but I am lost as to what is he is thinking about? Could you elaborate on why you named the picture Attitude creates Character.

  3. I have to ask about your approach. He’s obviously looking straight at the lens but his expression is so genuine. I can never get such honesty in a portrait if the person is aware ahead of time that I’m going to take the shot. Even when they try their best to look completely natural, I can pick up the most subtle contrivances in their expressions and demeanor. You seem to succeed everytime; however, in geting the most naked looks on faces and in eyes; thos eyes. Steve McCurry is the only other shooter I know of that gets the job done this well.

    Joshi, how do you do it?

  4. Amazing.
    But I have to agree with the comment above by themofman. How do you manage to take photos with expressions intact? Because a lot of times (nearly every time) people change their expression when they look at the camera.
    And Wadgaon Sheri? I live there. Now I will be on lookout for a guy with camera taking photos of old people :)

  5. Really beautiful portraits you have here. I enjoyed going through the whole front page and seeing what you’ve done. A real mix of artistic portraits, photojournalistic type portraits, all very intimate and stunning. Great work.

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