Smile with your heart

Smiling portrait of an old woman from Rajasthan
Old woman | Ramgarh, Rajasthan, India

126 Replies to “Smile with your heart”

  1. lovely portrait. the eyes are smiling here for me more than the other parts of her face. Btw i just came across one of your photographs of a couple around Marine Drive in Better Photography 13th anniversary booklet:)

  2. Daniel, my heart cried when I saw this face. Is she smiling with her heart? But the countless furrows in her face are tell tale signs of of untold miseries.
    That said, It as good an exposure as you are capable of.

  3. Hi Joshi,

    Thanx for visiting and commenting on my photoblog.
    I looked through your portfolio and it’s realy looking fantastic.
    Also this portrait is amazing.

    I’m comming back on this site!!

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