Getting ready to explore more

Self-portrait of joshi daniel getting ready to explore more
Self-Portrait | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Celebrating 3 years of Photoblogging with 148 images, 489,593 views and 10,259 comments!!! Getting ready to explore more in fourth year… Thank you every one :)

125 Replies to “Getting ready to explore more”

  1. Congratulations with 3 years and good wishes for years ahead :)

    Your hands, looks strong and gentle,nice picture !
    Mariehugs :)

  2. Congratulations for the 3 years of this blog. Nice framing and use of diagonales which is not easy in self portraits.
    Thanks for your email, I have made modifications and I hope it is OK now.

  3. Congratulations for the 3 years of photoblogging! You keep a high standard!
    Using shoes like this, – your next photos will not be taken in the wildernes…

  4. Congratulations on three years of incredible photography. Your photoblog is a favorite destination for me Joshi. Your images are quite an inspiration and this one is no different. Great shot!

  5. हाथों की क्षिरायें
    बता रही हैं
    किसी मेहनत काश के
    हाथ दीखते हैं ये
    जूते की लेस को
    करीने से बाँध रहे
    कुछ नया करने की
    कोशिश में
    चलने को तैयार
    हो रहे

  6. Fuck I hate you for this shot!! :) Its so freaking awesome.
    A Must Have Watch-Check
    Red T-Check
    Above all the awesome hands – CHECK

    Loved this picture so so much!!!

  7. awesome self portrait
    i have always thought it would be interesting if people did one self portrait a year, and lined them all up

    happy anniversary!

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