Haggard face of an old man from East Fort in Trivandrum
Old man | East Fort, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

101 Replies to “Haggard”

  1. I’m just thinking out loud – but I’m just wondering what this man would be thinking when he has a camera peering at his face? :)

    Considering that East Fort is part of the biggest treasure haul in Indian history, it adds a certain dimension to this pic.

    As usual, amazing pic, Dan!! :)

  2. Sir ,this is an excellent example of perfect photography….this portrait leaves different meaning to different people and the interpretation is marvelous more precisely the black and white have done wonder.

  3. This pic says a lot other than those lines that marr his face, proving that he has been through testing times. His eyes…you have captured the essence in your photograph! They have millions of questions in them and a pride with a twinge of sadness…I love this one! :D

  4. I love black and white portraits and this one is exceptionally good. The best part about such images is that there are no colours to distract you. This forces you to look deeper into the picture :)

  5. An amazing photo. I have just saved it to my hard disk and will be using it in my classroom activities. Hope you won’t mind for copyright rules
    I can see LIFE in your photo.

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