Rajasthani folk dancer

Rajasthani folk dancer from Kala Ghoda arts festival
Rajasthani folk dancer | Kala Ghoda Arts Festival | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

80 Replies to “Rajasthani folk dancer”

  1. Amazing pic…captures a certain femininity in an otherwise masculine face.. also a hint of tradition, color and festival..great shot, Dan :)

  2. Sorry! though the clarity is excellent and even minute details have been captured perfectly, i could not make myself like the angle..A bit of those tiny flowers intriguingly shown and the side view of those bright eyes would do perfectly

    Maybe its just my opinion!

    Huge fan of yours!

  3. What a great study of the costuming of this dancer. Seeing your portraits reminds me of both the differences and similarities between cultures and helps broaden the awareness and appreciation. Good work!

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