Fading years of hardship

Feet of a man in worn out shoes in Jaisalmer
Feet | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

113 Replies to “Fading years of hardship”

  1. I must be seeing feet like that almost on a daily basis.. without a second thought to what hardships they go through to get to look like that. You lent them an identity.. beautifully captured!

  2. astounding, bewildering, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, staggering, startling, striking, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, wonderful. Joshi you did it again!!!

  3. Well done Joshi for your photo ,who gives me a sad impression about some world parts where people work without any better future

  4. I can’t even begin to describe all the different ways this image triggers thinking of human nature and behaviour. The level of detail, both seen and implied, is staggering. Awesome.

  5. its too good a shot not to come here n leave a comment .. well spotted and very detailed … the image truly brings out strong emotions from the viewers..

  6. LOL .. we watch at the same time our blogs. Joshi, you have the drive, we get a glimpse in a different culture with good feeling for special moments.

  7. Mr. Daniel: You are a very gifted artist. Awesome photograph! It takes special eyes to bring so called “ordinary” images to the world and make us realize how extraordinary they are.

  8. I find your pictures, I am impressed by the strength and intensity of each of them! I like those details that boulversent, modesty in making faces! A portfolio of great beauty! Although this seems obvious, it can also tell you …

  9. marvelous capture Joshi. It reminds of the maharastrians. The bapuji chi topi aani kolapuri chappal ya jooti :)

    chahaan photo diste…

    nostalgic feeling indeed…

    I remember our house owner sangole babaji…he resembled to this picture. Dont remember much as I was too small then.


  10. hey dont think with my comment that I havent seen where you captured the photo.. I said what it reminds me of… clarification… clarification… :)

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