Every girl has a dream

Portrait of a young girl from Rajasthan
Young girl | Rajasthan, India

112 Replies to “Every girl has a dream”

  1. She is so adorable Danny! Love it! Love it!! Love it!!! And a special “MUAH and HUG” to you for clicking her so beautifully. Thank you! :) :) :)

    This photograph has 1,001% made my day! God bless this little angel where ever she may be! Amen.

  2. This one got me choked up a little.. You have captured her shy innocence and the dreams in her eyes.. ! Great work as usual :)

  3. Wow! I visited your website the first time and like the case with most of the first timers, I am blown away.
    I follow street photography and your style is close to it. I would be drooping on your work from now on..

    And yeah, the subtle expressions and the endearing eyes makes this an awesome capture!

  4. Rajastani women have very prominent facial features…and wear very attractive clothes…the best choice for a close-up right?

  5. She`s beautiful,and so is the light and colors who shines upon her.You have capture her fantastic.

    And yes,every girl have a dream,regardless age :)

    Have a nice weekend.

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